13 - G Suite Updates & Tech News

January 17, 2019

Listen to January 2019 G suite Updates and Tech News. Tech news will now be features from Newsela to share with your classroom.

Visit: http://aced.tech/13


12 - Thinking Visually with Omar Lopez

December 31, 2018

Thinking visually is not about drawing. Learn more about sketch noting. http://aced.tech/12


11 - Emojis to Get Collaboration Kicked Off with Lindsay Foster

November 30, 2018

Lear about getting collaboration started using emojis. http://aced.tech/11


10 - Simplify Life Using Google Home with Story Speaker

November 9, 2018

I'm using Story Speaker to create an episode about Google Home. http://aced.tech/10


9 - Strategic Selection & Integration of Ed Tech with Sarah Ostorga

September 30, 2018

Sarah Ostorga talks ways to implement Eucational Technology with strategy. The WOW factor doesn't determine how useful it is.

For more, visit http://aced.tech/9


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8 - Creating Videos to Show Learning with Nancy Penchev

August 31, 2018

Nancy Penchev talks about quick and easy ways to create and edit videos.

For more, visit http://aced.tech/8


7 - Funding Classroom Tech with Minerva Garza

July 31, 2018

Mrs. G talks about ways to fund a classroom; plus an awesome rewards app by Google.

For more, visit http://aced.tech/7


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6 - Podcasting with Christopher Nesi

June 30, 2018

Christopher J. Nesi, host of the podcast House of #EdTech and producer of the Google Teacher Tribe, talks about a way to create a podcast; plus an awesome podcatcher app.

For more, visit http://aced.tech/6


5 - Raspberry Pi with Efren Rodriguez

May 31, 2018

Efren Rodriguez, Google Educators Group South Texas Chapter Leader, talks about a way to create computer as an educational tool; plus an awesome Chemistry app.

For more, visit http://aced.tech/5


4 - Google Meet with Alfonso Mendoza

April 30, 2018

EdTech Coach Alfonso Mendonza talks about an awesome tech tool for meeting remotely.

For more, visit http://aced.tech/4