8 - Creating Videos to Show Learning with Nancy Penchev

August 31, 2018

Nancy Penchev talks about quick and easy ways to create and edit videos.

For more, visit http://aced.tech/8

7 - Funding Classroom Tech with Minerva Garza

July 31, 2018

Mrs. G talks about ways to fund a classroom; plus an awesome rewards app by Google.

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6 - Podcasting with Christopher Nesi

June 30, 2018

Christopher J. Nesi, host of the podcast House of #EdTech and producer of the Google Teacher Tribe, talks about a way to create a podcast; plus an awesome podcatcher app.

For more, visit http://aced.tech/6

5 - Raspberry Pi with Efren Rodriguez

May 31, 2018

Efren Rodriguez, Google Educators Group South Texas Chapter Leader, talks about a way to create computer as an educational tool; plus an awesome Chemistry app.

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4 - Google Meet with Alfonso Mendoza

April 30, 2018

EdTech Coach Alfonso Mendonza talks about an awesome tech tool for meeting remotely.

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3 - Seesaw with Fely Garcia Lopez

March 31, 2018

Middle School Teacher Fely Garcia Lopez talks about an awesome tech tool for the classroom: Seesaw.

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2 - Nearpod & Seesaw with Marisol & Johana

February 28, 2018

Elementary Teachers Marisol & Johana talk about awesome tech tools for the classroom: Nearpod & Seesaw.

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1 - Open eBooks with Ana Maria Perez

January 31, 2018

Librarian Ana Maria talks about free eBooks from top publishers for low SES, military, and special needs children.

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0 - Promo

January 1, 2018

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